What is STACC - Stockholm Tech Accelerator?

STACC is our tech community that accelerates the development of young professionals and next generation organizations. We want to help talents grow, have the best possible personal development and provide a community for learning, inspiration and knowledge sharing.

STACC wants to help young professionals to:

  • Find your passion:
    With our help you'll find a job you can be truly passionate about at one of the exciting, and carefully screened, companies in our network.

  • Grow your expertise:
    With our training program, specially tailored to your area of expertise, and our mentorship program connecting you with industry experts, you’ll grow into one of Stockholm’s leading tech professionals.

  • Be part of the community:
    By becoming part of STACC’s community, you’ll meet lifelong friends and future coworkers. You’ll be invited to a range of inspiring events so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with one another.

  • Get a mentor for career coaching:
    Our mentor program will give you access to a senior peer that will help you with your long term personal development, act as a sounding board for career advices, provide perspectives from an experience role model and support you in your daily work helping you raise your eyes and think of the bigger picture in different situations.

If this sounds interesting to you - Join the STACC community now and accelerate your learning and personal development among tech friends!

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All of our team members are quirky in their own ways, and that is something we love and embrace. Why? Well, because when you are a little different that means you have something new and special to bring to the table. An individual perspective,  an undiscovered idea and unique life experiences, that could lift the organisation to new heights. 

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