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We Are Levels

Imagine you are an entrepreneur.You are full of hopes and dreams and believe from the bottom of your toes, that your idea would make a difference in the world. However, it's one thing coming up with a good idea, another thing is to bring it to life. You might need designers, developers, branding, and most of all, funding...

*Sigh*, maybe you should just put your dream on the shelf...,
If only there was someone that could help your dream come true?

That’s where we come in - We are Levels!
We help motivated and promising entrepreneurs and start-ups, to take their idea across the Valley of Death – to the next level as a product, service or business! To achieve this, we have built a carefully selected, highly professional, skillful, driven and passionate team, who treat each other like family and have fun on the way.

But that is not all we do – we also have large and exciting clients that we help bridge the gap across the valley of death as well. However, in that context we’re not talking about single ideas, rather complex solution driven projects involving high level strategic planning, design and development. Our team is working across three main areas that we call Strategy & Consulting, Design & Development and Venturing & Investments, so browse through our openings to learn more on how you could move your career to the next level.

We are always looking for brilliant people that want to grow together with us and as part of our team, you will have the possibility to influence on all levels, take ownership, and be a part of a journey that has only just begun.

Why we are so proud of our jobs

All of our team members are quirky in their own ways, and that is something we love and embrace. Why? Well, because when you are a little different that means you have something new and special to bring to the table. An individual perspective,  an undiscovered idea and unique life experiences, that could lift the organisation to new heights. 

Our Core Values in Action

We encourage our co-workers to come up with new products ideas so we set up our own version of Dragons Nest, where we can pitch our own ideas in front of our investors.
We build our company when we help others build theirs.
We cooperate with investors, start ups, banks and many more and together we create a full eco-system.
No matter in which department we "belong" to, we’re willing to dive in head first to get work done and support the team. No one is above lending a hand and ensuring what needs to get done to achieve success.
Creativity & Problem Solving
Our clients rely on our ability to be creative, to think “outside of the box”, and to deliver winning solutions. We strive to provide creative ideas and solutions to satisfy clients and help our business grow.
Our work is our art and we will demonstrate attention to detail, pride, and the highest quality behind every client account and each company project we work on.


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